Logistics is the business process of transporting goods and information in an efficient process from start to finish. Involving the integration of transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, security and unique needs of individual products, it’s a supply channel with many time-sensitive elements beyond just getting from Point A to Point B safely.

Let Eagle manage all your shipping needs. Just let us know where and when and we will do the rest.

Eagle will manage your pickup, transport and delivery securely and efficiently. We understand the importance of being on time. We pride ourselves on making sure your product arrives in a safe and timely manner. Click here to request more information on our Logistics Services.

Columbus Logistics Management Services

Providing services for all your logistics needs, Eagle Warehouse & Logistics provides:

  • Shipping
  • Expedited and dedicated freight services
  • All necessary brokerage
  • Pool distribution
  • LTL shipping and Truckload shipping
  • Local cartage
  • UPS / FedEx
  • Expedited / Hot Shots

We can handle your warehouse needs and distribution operations with more than 40 years of experience in logistics management.

Your company may have that need that no one wants or listens to. We see it as a challenge! With every challenge there must be a solution. Let your next call be to Eagle Warehouse & Logistics...we'll prove we can help you with the next solution.

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